Vonzeo Capital accelerates the dreams of entrepreneurs who want to acquire a company.  We finance their search, invest in the acquisition and empower them to build a great and lasting business.


Our investment philosophy stays true to the collaborative model and its distinguishing elements: the driven entrepreneur who buys and runs a company while getting support from seasoned mentors.

Vonzeo's team of

Search Funds

are the alternative to a start-up for entrepreneurial MBAs.

A search fund will usually have a dozen investors who support the entrepreneurs in their journey to find a company.  The investors then have the option to provide capital at the time of acquisition.

How do these entrepreneurs become CEOs?  It takes a broad skill set to succeed at funding, searching, acquiring, successfully managing and then exiting. Read on.

Senior Advising Partners have a desire to support the next generation of successful managers. Our present and former CEOs have excellent operational expertise and provide important strategic and financial insights. Our academics have a profound understanding of cutting-edge research that will be relevant when running companies. And everyone has in common the pride and pleasure they discover in assisting and mentoring the next generation of managers.

What does a wonderful company look like?

‘It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price’

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Letter, 1989

To be a successful investor one needs to have a sound set of investment criteria and adhere to them. The search fund model’s success is partly explained by its adherence to some of the criteria familiar to value investors. Searchers that have done well have kept these in mind.

Our mission is to accelerate the dreams of entrepreneurs of acquiring a company and to empower them in building a great and lasting business.

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