Vonzeo Capital and other investors are the team behind the driver, providing guidance, support, mentorship, insights and capital when needed. We would be the folks changing the tires in the pit-stop, providing tips and strategy before and during the race, as well as financing the car. In short, we are there to reduce the unnecessary noise in the system (note that some noise is not only unavoidable but necessary) while increasing the entrepreneur’s chances of success.




Followers of Formula-1 are well acquainted with the frustration of drivers when they perceive their racecar to be inferior to the one of the competition. The racecar is, of course, the company.  Vonzeo Capital will assist its entrepreneurs in the quest for and acquisition of a company with a reputation for good economics.


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‘When a management with a reputation for brilliance

tackles a business with a reputation for bad economics,

it is the reputation of the business that remains intact’. 

Warren Buffett

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