Searchers receive support from Vonzeo Capital through the entire process. 


There is assistance in due dilligence, deal structure, capital structure, and much more.  We can provide support through the search and acquisition process, from the assessment of search criteria to deal structuring.

Once we back a searcher we stand ready to assist her when called upon. Once we commit acquisition capital we commit our resources to the fulfillment of our shared goals.

This idea to support bright, entrepreneurial and ambitious young people in their quest to find, acquire and run a company began more than thirty years. It was in 1984 under the leadership of Irv Grousbeck, professor and director of Stanford Graduate School of Business’ Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, that the innovative contraption of search funds was created. Irv, who held an MBA from Harvard and had been a successful entrepreneur co-founding Continental Cablevision (Media One), addressed a void that existed in the professional markets for MBAs. Entrepreneurial MBAs with new ideas could write business plans and convince angel investors and venture capitalists to fund their start-ups. MBAs with a knack for management could join one of the many management consulting or blue-chip companies recruiting on campus. But what about those MBAs that lie on the intersection of entrepreneurship and management? For graduates who did not want to start a new company but rather acquire an existing one and grow it, Irv and a handful of enthusiasts pioneered the search fund model.

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