Vonzeo Capital accelerates the dreams of entrepreneurs who want to acquire a company.  We finance their search, invest in the acquisition and empower them to build a great and lasting business.  READ ON

Search Funds

are the alternative to a start-up for entrepreneurial MBAs.




They set up their own fund, and investors like Vonzeo Capital invest in a portion of their search fund.

It takes a broad skill set to succeed at funding, searching, acquiring, successfully managing and then exiting. READ ON

Senior Advisers have a desire to support the next generation of successful managers. Our present and former CEOs have excellent operational expertise and provide important strategic and financial insights. Our academics have a profound understanding of cutting-edge research that will be relevant when running companies.  Everyone has in common that they find great pleasure in assisting and mentoring the next generation of managers. READ ON

Years of research provide sound support for the aspiring searcher


Since 1984 each vintage of search fund entrepreneurs has been assisting and inspiring the next wave, leading to more than 400 search funds around the world to date.

Stanford’s Graduate School of Business’ Center for Entrepreneurship and IESE’s Search Fund Center have calculated historical IRRs to be 33.7% and 33.3% for North American and International search funds respectively.

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